Interactive Virtual Roundtables

The Digital Safety Conference features an all-new roundtable format, allowing you to join smaller focus groups with aviation peers and find a way forward on crux challenges including: Innovation; Automation; Stakeholder Collaboration & Occupational Health

Delegates will join breakout groups which will focus on key safety themes and explore the challenges with a GHI facilitator. Sessions are 30 minutes and will then repeat with the groups swapping and each delegate can attend a maximum of three roundtables.

After this, workshop facilitators will report back on the keynote findings from the roundtable discussions to the main group and identify key learnings.

A breakdown in communication somewhere along the line is a causal factor in the majority of accidents and incidents.  This roundtable will explore the concept of mental models and how a perception of the turnaround plan can be affected by experience level, culture, language and environmental conditions, amongst many other things. How do we, as operators, remove the risk of misunderstandings particularly in an operating climate which is prone to sudden flight changes and a haven for the unfamiliar. The session will explore the importance of roles & responsibilities and regular team debriefs in diffusing the dangers.

Facilitator: Ross Priday, Chairman, Kura Human Factors
Every player in the aviation supply chain finds themselves facing up to a new operating environment in 2021. What role can closer collaboration play in managing resulting safety risks. This session will ask delegates to share their aspirations.

Facilitator: Wolfgang Fasching Founder & Owner, Agora Consulting
Safety has always been and will always be the No.1 priority in our industry. No matter if during times of normal operations or a pandemic, safety is the utmost priority for any operation. How do the challenges of retaining safety change during different times? How are human factors affected and consequently, how is safety potentially influenced?
Join us to explore the methods and attitude required to retain and grow a culture of safety and ensure that the safety platform reduces risk to the maximum extent possible.

Facilitators: Desiree Perez, Leadership Coach & Aviation Consultant & James Wyatt, Aviation Consultant, aeroconcept