Policy: GHI’s Ground Safety Industry Summit

11:00 - 12:00

This special industry summit will unite airlines, ground handlers and GSE manufacturers to explore immediate opportunities to improve the safety of our employees and aircraft while they are on the ground.

The Summit will be held in a spirit of collaboration and best practice-sharing between aviation stakeholders united by a common desire to ensure every flight attendant, ramp operative or team leader returns home safe from their shift and we avoid preventable aircraft damage incidents.

GHI will be submitting your recommendations from the Summit to EASA for inclusion in its ground handling roadmap.
Summit Agenda

·         Establishing common ground safety regulations and standards: What are the essential elements of ground safety standards? How do we define key                        performance indicators, harmonise diverse ground handling activities and oversee implementation?

·         Human Factors: Exploring how we better engage and train our employees to proactively address and remove safety risks during turnaround, pushback and                    towing.  

·         Safety vs OTP: How do ensure the quest for a faster turnaround never leads to shortcuts on safety or brings airline and ground employees into conflict?     

·         GSE, automation and new tech: Investigating how advances in GSE like driverless technologies and live data capture during turnaround could be used to                      eliminate common accident occurrences.    

·         Skills Shortages: Nearly 80% of European operators said a skills shortage at their station had been complicit in an accident or near miss in a recent GHI survey.              How do we address attrition?

·         Stakeholder collaboration and best practice sharing: Should the lessons from ground safety accident investigations be disseminated to all stakeholders in the            same way air accident investigations are conducted? How do we leave businesses rivalries aside and make ground safety a cross-party goal?


Further panellists to be announced.

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Christian Bergfelder, Director Network Airside & Airport Affairs - Europe, DHL

Rusty Prewitt, Director Corporate Safety, American Airlines